EXPOARA Event Center

Host of the two most important events in the furniture industry sector – FIQ and Movelpar – Expoara is na important place for holding events in the north region of Paraná. In 2007, the Center of Events pf Arapongas – Expoara – will b 10 years old, establishing itself as one of the most important reasons for Arapongas to be a center of furniture industry in Brazil. Since 1997, every two years, it’s held two of the most important fairs of the furniture sector in Brazil: Movelpar – (Furniture Fair of Paraná) and FIQ – ( International Fair of Quality in Machines, Raw material, and Accessories for the furniture industry). Besides that, Expoara is considered the biggest space for holding great events in the south of Brazil. With a modern structure, it is a 40 thousand m2 covered area, containing facilities for 3 helicopters, parking lot for 5 thousand vehicles, auditorium for 300 people, camera security system, electric power, telephone, Internet, and food court with restaurants and fast food for 600 people.
Strategically located in the motorway BR 369, in Arapongas, it involves two important economical centers of the state: Londrina and Maringá. The region has excellent hotels (6 thousand guests a day), restaurants and transport facilities (two airports), as well as easy access motorways which integrate the region with Mercosul. “Our localization really makes a difference. We have na excellent infra-structure, transport facilities and an area for exposition that can be easily adapted to attend all kind of events”, says José Carlos Toledo, executive director of Expoara. In 2005, Expoara received more than 22 thousand visitors (national and international market) in the 5th edition of Movelpar – and other 22 thousand in the 5th edition of FIQ, in June 2006.