FAET – Education and Technology Foundation of Arapongas

SENAI CETMAM - Centro Nacional de Tecnologia da Madeira e do Mobiliário (National Center of Wood and Furniture Technology) is a unit of SENAI Paraná which seeks to develop competences for the furniture industry. It offers courses and training programmes in the production of furniture, design, management of industrial processes, health and safety at work. Besides the courses, it works as a consultant for the companies aiming to improve the processes and the products.

The Unit is located in the industrial center in Arapongas and is set in a building of 3.431,15 m². It has 20 people working there and has clients all around the country as well as in Argentina and Paraguay.
Since the beginning the SENAI CETMAM unit counts on the support from Germany, through the “ Agreement of Technical And Financial Cooperation” made by SENAI PR and the Ministry of Economy of Baden Wurttemberg, enabling the unit to bring the most modern techniques to the sector.