Founded in 1978 and first called Associação dos Moveleiros de Arapongas (association of furniture producers from Arapongas), it became a trade union in 1982 divided in Wood Companies Trade Union, Carpentry, Cooperage, Pressed and Laminated Wood, Agglomerates and Wood Fibers and Carpentry (furniture made of wood), Furniture in general, including Vim, Junco and Tube furniture (metallic structures), as well as Brooms, Curtains – Furniture Industry of Arapongas Trade Union. It involves the cities of Arapongas (main office), Londrina, Cambé, Rolândia, Sabáudia, Apucarana, Cambira, Jandaia do Sul, Marialva, Mandaguari, Maringá, Califórnia e Sarandi. It represents about 600 companies, being all of them considered “Affiliated Industries”.

Out of these 600 companies, about 60 are members of SIMA and have the right to take part in general assemblies with the privilege of voting and approving any topic which may interest the whole sector.

As Arapongas is one of the most important regions of the furniture industry in Brazil, it was chosen as the base city for the Union Entity, which seeks to coordinate most of the activities concerning the companies under its jurisdiction, such as: negotiations for collective work, documents which represent the law, rules and proper conditions of work.
In its territory of influence there are 3 workers trade unions: Maringá, Londrina and Arapongas which represent the category.